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Gentle Treatments

“I have been skeptical of chiropractors for years.  But, I was in a tremendous amount of pain.  It was like a miracle!”   [Angie D.]

“The approach to treatment he takes is collaborative.  What I like most is that he actually talks to me, explains what he thinks the problem is based on my symptoms, and then adjusts me.”  [Mariah]

Effective Relief

“I was in extreme distress on a Saturday with debilitating pain on my right side and leg radiating out from my lower back.  When I left I was greatly relieved of pain–at least 60%–and I continued to improve steadily by following Dr. Bowman’s treatment instructions.”  [Dorothy]

“My 17 year old daughter woke up one morning unable to move her head or neck.  Not only is her neck issue resolved, he fixed her lacrosse injuries in her ankles!”  [Holly]

“He is truly a healer that works from the root of the problem. . . all of his advice for exercises and self massage were invaluable.  I am now able to continue work with my career without pain!”  [J.J.]

Satisfied Patients

“I’ve been treated by several chiropractors over the past 30 years, and I’ve found Dr. Bowman to be the best.  He takes time to ask and answer questions and really gets to the cause of my discomfort.”  [Nancie]

“I was in awe at the level of service I received.  We set a plan for my treatment and I was also given some exercises to help heal myself and to prevent that same problem from happening again.  I got what was promised.”  [Angela C.]